March 2021


Poiesis was conceptualized in the school year 2010-2011 by Prof. Jocelyn Timbol-Guadalupe and Prof. Mitzi Marie Aguilar-Reyes with the intent of fostering educational exchange and cultural experience among the students. The project provides opportunities for interaction, free exchange of ideas and also enhances students’ knowledge and artistic talents within their disciplines and to discover how the curricular offerings complement each other. This project brings together the students of Introduction to Music Education, Visual Perception, Visual Communication, Visual Design and Design Workshop courses.

Gallery 10 presents artworks with poetry and video of type in motion made by Fine Arts students inspired by compositions by Music students, gathered from the 10 years of implementation of Poiesis. The works displayed in the gallery represent the many different creative motivations, processes and techniques that the mentors and participating artists engaged with through the years.

Poiesis takes pride in bringing this joint-classroom activity into a full-blown production– a budding legacy, worthy of artistang iskolar ng bayan‘s effort and commitment to art.

students' works

This project is supported by U.P. Diliman Office of Initiatives for Culture and the Arts
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